Bloomberg versus Singapore

People around me will know my hatred for coal and my disgust of how the government managed to swindle common folks into believing that having a diversified energy source that includes coal in the Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex is beneficial to Singapore. After years of sticking our guns to greening our energy sources, Singapore opened its fired up its first coal power plant in 2012. Years of Clean & Green Singapore, “commitments” to environmental sustainability, even imposing “special taxes” on diesel variants of vehicles despite the green credentials of new diesel engines, yet we opted for coal at a time when most countries are making commitments to exit this dirty fuel source.

This begs the question of how far the government is willing to go to commit to environmental sustainability. Have we given up all hope and climate change and is the setting up of the various environmental and climate change framework, including the National Climate Change Secretariat, under the Prime Minister’s Office all but a faux? Clearly we are not what we thought we are.

P.S. Besides Huaneng which owns the plant, companies which tap on the dirty fuel source should also be noted, they are, Lanxess, Dairen Engineering, Asahi Kasei and Zeon Chemicals.

bloomberg vs sgp