Bukit Brown Version 1

If only money grew on trees in Bukit Brown

I’ve never been a fan of cemeteries, in fact, I would very much like to be cremated by alkaline hydrolysis and then have my remains dispersed into the sea.

To be honest, I never knew that Bukit Brown was known as Bukit Brown, I’ve always thought it to be the Lornie Road Cemetery. That said, I knew the place existed, and is also rife with traditional Chinese cultural activities that I may or may not agree with. Proof? An old article by the Straits Times on cars parked along Lornie Road during the Chinese “Qing Ming” festival of tomb sweeping, where Chinese pay their respects to their ancestors with a visit to the tombs. Perhaps the internet is now flooded by articles about Bukit Brown, so much so that cars parking alongside Lornie Road is no longer of importance, or that Google has failed on me – I can’t find that article!

If you’ve asked me just over a year ago if the damages done by the plans to build the highway could be mitigated after it was being built with more tree planting, I would naively say yes. But having learnt the characteristics of carbon sinks, and the different types of tree planting, I would contest such a move. Over the past year, I’ve learnt a lot – the tree you see along the streets are not the same as those found in woodlands (not Woodlands!), and quoting a phrase I learnt at the Biosphere – Mother Nature is very resistant, some species will still remain after everything else falls apart, but we humans may not be there to see it. So yes, go ahead and remove Bukit Brown, but when you’ve done that, do not regret the ecological impact you may have failed to predict.

For now, I need some comments on these posters and decide which is better!

Bukit Brown Version 1
Bukit Brown Version 2
Bukit Brown Version 3